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Electrocatalyst for water electrolysis

Stage: Prototype
ISU and Ames Laboratory scientists have developed a metal chalcogenide material for use as a water electrolysis catalyst for the generation of hydrogen.

Hydrogen is a unique energy carrier in that it can be produced from a number of diverse pathways utilizing a variety of domestically available feedstock, including natural gas, biomass, and water. The electrochemical splitting of water (electrolysis) is among the most versatile and greenest methods of hydrogen generation that will play a significant role in long-term, high-volume hydrogen gas production. Iowa State University and Ames Laboratory scientists have developed a catalyst to assist in the generation of hydrogen from water electrolysis. The mixed-metal chalcogenide catalyst shows promise as a cathode material, able to operate in highly acidic conditions. When compared to other non-precious metal catalysts, such as Molybdenum Sulfide, these catalysts offer far superior performance, able to operate far more efficiently. http://isurftech.technologypublisher.com/technology/31310 This technology is related to ISURF 4629: Preparation of mixed metal chalcogenides by mechanochemical processing and exfoliation https://isurftech.technologypublisher.com/techcase/4629 



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