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Ralph Muehleisen

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Dr. Ralph T. Muehleisen is the Principal Building Scientist, the Building Energy Decision and Technology Research (BEDTR) Group leader, and the Urban Science and Engineering Program lead for Argonne’s Energy Systems division. At Argonne, Dr. Muehleisen leads research to increase the energy efficiency and resiliency of the built environment while improving the quality of life and return on investment for citizens. His projects include urban science and engineering, stochastic building energy modeling, reduced order building energy modeling, risk analysis of building energy retrofits, Bayesian Calibration methods for building energy models, agent based models for understanding adoption of retrofit technologies, smart building/smart grid integration, and the development of new energy efficient and diagnostic technologies buildings. Dr. Muehleisen is the author of over 180publications and presentations, and is a frequent invited speaker in the areas of urban science and engineering, building energy modeling, architectural acoustics and noise control.