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About the Lab Partnering Service

The Laboratory Partnering Service (LPS) is a suite of online applications enabling access to leading experts, innovations, and patents from across the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) and the national laboratories. It delivers a myriad of information to provide access to a portfolio of investment opportunities. The LPS enables fast discovery of expertise and serves as a conduit between the investor and the innovator, by providing multi-faceted search capabilities across numerous technology areas and the national laboratories.

  • Expert Search

    The Expert Search provides customers a direct conduit to experts from the DOE’s national laboratories. This categorized list is a selection of lab-identified leading experts across several "hot" technology areas with ability to further refine the list of the experts by sub-specialty.

  • Technical Summaries

    The Technical Summaries provide information about the numerous technologies associated with patents, patent applications, and publications from DOE’s national laboratories and other participating research institutions available for licensing.

  • Facility Locator

    Browse more than 200 facility descriptions on LPS and gain insights on leveraging DOE facilities to discover, innovate and bridge the world's most challenging gaps in energy, artificial and space capabilities.

  • Developer API

    A collection of APIs providing data related to energy technologies, experts, and patents associated with the Department of Energy’s (DOE) Lab Partnering Service (LPS).

  • Visual Patent Search

    This search tool enables a unique, visually-facilitated search of the patent content contained in the Lab Partnering Service. This patent content contains published US patent applications and issued US patents resulting from Department of Energy funded R&D.

    The Visual Patent Search tool was created using two powerful technologies developed at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, the IN-SPIRE™ Visual Document Analysis and the Scalable Reasoning System (SRS). Using these analysis tools, a tiered patent categorization system was created from the "bottom up", enabling Lab Partnering Service to develop a unique way of searching DOE-patents beyond a simple key word search.

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Every technology follows its own unique path and requires a variety of exchanges and partnerships to advance it along the development spectrum. DOE's Office of Technology Transitions provides support in each step of this process.

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